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Sick Boys Ink II

Sick Boys Ink II

Sick Boys Ink II Tattoo Shop is located in Dunlap, Tennessee
Address: 229 Walnut St, Dunlap, TN 37327
Phone: (423) 949-7425

In keeping with this approach to the industry we have not only been in business for over a decade but we have prospered. In 2009 Sick Boys Ink II was started in Dunlap, Tennessee. Since then we continue to grow and expand. I keep the same core values with each of the studios. This for me has not been a job, it is instead a lifestyle. It is an intricate part of who and what I am. We are not Rock Stars and do not have that mentality, and I feel that is why we succeed in this industry.

Artists At This Location


Justin Nave

Shop Owner

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