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Nate Cameron

About Nate Cameron

It all started in preschool at the tender age of 2 ¾ after I won the 1898 all county championship of heads up seven up. At the very moment of glory with my middle fingers in the air, I decided that this was going to be the defining moment in my life. I ran across the nation challenging others to disprove my success as the HU7U champion. My time was cut short as victor when I met a glass-eyed gypsy man who foretold my future in the arts. When he whispered into a funnel of truth serum and asked the powers for my prosperity of riches, in return it said, “Born to loose, destine to fail.” Little did the glass-eyed gypsy man know, I was a fantastically beautiful, sparkly … a vampire whose charm extended to not only the female species but to the Gods of Tattooing.

When the earth progressed to the years of hair band greats such as Bon Jovi and Great White, I ran into some punk kid with a DeLorean looking for a flux capacitor. When I pointed to the sky asking for the kid to leave my personal space, Thor struck down with his hammer and smashed the brat. Smiling back at him, I knew we had started something beautiful.

As my talents were professed to me many years back, a spark of inspiration hit; a young lion who befriends a meerkat and a warthog, this would be the idea of a lifetime. Nah, it was worthless, no money there.

Blah, blah, blah this is all bollocks. I tattoo, I pierce and I have since 2003.

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Nate is primarily located at the Hixson, Tennessee shop. View Hixson Shop Details


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